dimanche 1 juin 2014

In ourselves

Expectations lead only to more expectations

Promises lead only to more broken promises

Prayers lead only to more doubtfulness

Doubts lead only to more questions

Why do we keep thinking we cannot be our own masters

Why do we keep obeying ideas so far from ourselves

Why do we keep worrying about a future

We cannot foretell?

Why don't we confide, here and now, in our own feelings

And give our hopes and dreams a chance to be fulfilled?

Not in a near future

Not in a vague idea

Not in someone we barely know

But just now, in the deepest, delicate, gorgeous truth slumbering in ourselves.


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(Picture: Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua)

jeudi 1 mai 2014



Fleeting angel

With your horizon-less wings

You cradled me.


Always there

During my worst absences

You protected me.

Your smiles

Enabled me to go on.

Amongst those ashen-faced shadows

Serene, you were there.

In the dark of my thoughts

You held the candle

You believed

When I failed to.

You kept the faith

For two

Implored heavens.

I owe you rebirth

Your blind prayers

I've heard.

New flames in my soul

I survived.

Faithful again, In your arms

I was reborn.

My fairy you are. From emptiness

I recreated.

Tribute of the silence

On those flying words

My strength, My oxygen

The blood running in my veins

I just want to thank you.

Tribute of the silence

Always there

Just there.


To my mother - my angel.


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Picture: Chiang Khong, Thailand

vendredi 11 avril 2014

A friend

I don't have the right to judge you
But I have the right to show you that I care.

I don't have the right to choose for you
But I have the right to stay close when you're lost.

I don't have the right to spy on you
But I have the right to assure you my support.

I don't have the right to tell you what's "right"
But I have the right to tell you what I think is "wrong".

A friend will never deter
But encourage.

A friend will never argue
But listen to.

A friend would not always be next to you
But, as a friend, his/her thoughts will always accompany you.

To all the friends of the world,


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dimanche 9 mars 2014

Serial hitchhiker

He is from Anywhere.

He is going to Everywhere. Now: Europe as a playground. He's been traveling since he's...?

The one who travels knows the beginning, but has no idea about the end.

Smiles, paths, smells, shares, histories, dramas, connections. Changing and moving ahead. Still on the road. Going with the flow. Sharing impermanence, accepting that everything passes away at the very moment we look at it.

Welcome to the world of a serial hitchhiker!


vendredi 21 février 2014

Get back on your feet

If you think with love, you will never be scared.

If you speak with uprightness, you will never feel ashamed.

If you act with compassion, you will never feel anger.

Live with a balanced mind, and you will never fall. And if you happen to fall, you will always get back on you feet.


mardi 18 février 2014

Live your life to the fullest

A videoclip that will make you think-talk-act to the fullest:


You are your own master. The choice is yours. You create your fate.