dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Away my pain I must send

What do you expect me to do ?
Overwhelmed by your anxiety
I try to see clear in your eyes
But every true’s wrong
Every smile’s rotting
Where is this thing
Which is called “us”?
I ‘ve lost my hope
I ‘ve cried too much
How much longer?
A love too strong
When did it turn wrong?
Try to achieve
Try to believe
We failed each other
No more “together
Story has an end
Away my pain I must send.

Annajo Janisz

All rights reserved 

mardi 3 février 2015

A blog I really apreciate

Hi there,

It's been a long time I didn't post anything here...

The reason is

I am creating a new blog (in French), learning how to draw on comp, and will soon publish my first ebook.

It requires a LOT of time and energy.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend you this website, which would inspire you and help you to remain aware of the world. You can find the link on the right sidebar of my blog :


Happy reading and keep smiling ;)


Annajo Janisz

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

We are One

Until I've entered deeply the meditation process, I did not understand to what point I was hurting myself and the others, having the destructive behavior I used to have.

Now that I began to have a clue of what the Ultimate Truth is, observing sensations of my body as something out of "me", changing and passing away, I could enter the Matter and see it as it really is : an illusion. But this world is made of matter, and, somehow, everything, on earth, matters.

Any action has its result. Any cause has its consequence.

If you are not kind towards yourself, how will you be kind towards the others and how would you expect the others to be kind towards yourself ? Hurting them, you do no less than hurting you. You hurt the whole Universe.

Meditating, you connect to the One and realize : you are such a tiny part of this pure, infinite Unity. But at the same time, all of Its parts are unique and cannot be replaced. No matter how tiny you are, without You, the Divine Machine cannot work properly. 

Thinking, speaking and acting with a cleaned mind literally transforms the matter. It purifies it.
Then how, getting this, would you keep hurting yourself ?

The Universe needs you just as you need the Universe.

AnnaJo Janisz 

* All rights reserved *