jeudi 1 mai 2014



Fleeting angel

With your horizon-less wings

You cradled me.


Always there

During my worst absences

You protected me.

Your smiles

Enabled me to go on.

Amongst those ashen-faced shadows

Serene, you were there.

In the dark of my thoughts

You held the candle

You believed

When I failed to.

You kept the faith

For two

Implored heavens.

I owe you rebirth

Your blind prayers

I've heard.

New flames in my soul

I survived.

Faithful again, In your arms

I was reborn.

My fairy you are. From emptiness

I recreated.

Tribute of the silence

On those flying words

My strength, My oxygen

The blood running in my veins

I just want to thank you.

Tribute of the silence

Always there

Just there.


To my mother - my angel.


* All rights reserved *

Picture: Chiang Khong, Thailand